Shot blasting chambers (shot blasting)

Shot blasting chambers are designed to remove scale, corrosion, stain, remove old paint and so on. This allows you to prepare the surface before applying paint and metal coatings. Cameras can work with one or more kinds of abrasive, such as steel shot, corundum, glass and ceramic balls and much more.

Paint-drying chamber

Paint and drying chamber are designed due to the client’s specification, there is also a standard model range, which reduces the design, manufacture, and installation of cameras. Painting and drying chambers are used for applying paint and varnish coatings, drying paint layers according to technological requirements, necessary to obtain a high-quality coating.

Shot blasting machine (shot)

Shot blast unit (shot blasting) – designed for mechanical surface treatment with the help of a powerful flow of abrasive, formed by the rotation of special turbines. Depending on the type of parts and the processing purposes, there are different types: shot with roller conveyor, hanging kind, with screen conveyor, with rotating table, the special execution so on.