Guillotine shears

Hydraulic guillotine shears are used for cutting sheet metal. Models of this equipment differ by the working length of the machine, the thickness of the metal to be cut, the number of cuts per minute. A wide range of electric, hydraulic and pneumatic guillotine shears is available. A wide range of accessories is also available. Those are pneumatic sheet support mechanism, narrow strip feed, cutting edge protection, goniometer, etc. We have a solution for any production needs.

Multifunctional machining centers

(with the specific options) perform the following types of machining of parts: milling, drilling, boring, turning operations in the range of 5-axis machining. Machines can be equipped with a wide range of options and can be applied at most enterprises that process not only metal parts.

Cylindrical grinding machines

Used for grinding external and internal (with additional equipment) cylindrical and cone-shaped surfaces of parts. A complete set with several grinding units is possible.

Surface grinding machines

Designed for high-precision machining of flat parts surfaces. When using special equipment, on surface grinding machines, it is possible to grind profile surfaces.

Vertical turning machines

Designed for a powerful and precise turning of cylindrical, geometrically complex surfaces. Also, lathe-boring machines perform drilling operations, tedious operations, reaming of central holes, thread cutting, and milling of the end surfaces.
With additional equipment for these machines, certain grinding operations are also possible.

Laser cutting machine

Laser cutting is used in many areas of production. The laser cutting machine works by fiber optic laser technology. It provides high-precision and high-speed cutting. Comparing with CO2 technology, the versatility of fiber technology significantly reduces the complexity of the laser system, significantly reduces operating costs, three times reduces energy consumption. The sheet is loaded with the help of a sliding pallet consisting of two working zones. That makes it possible to unload the finished product and charge the working area with new material. Additional options are possible. Selection of equipment according to the terms of reference.

Horizontally and vertically machining centers

Perform processing of hull and base parts of ferrous and non-ferrous metals by boring, milling, drilling, including pieces with curved surfaces.

Band Saw Machines

Supply of band saw machines of various designs. Those are cantilever, two-column, portal and vertical, automatic and semi-automatic. According to the chosen program, band saws can be cut with ease and high precision: slabs, cast blocks, forgings, steel beams, pipes, plates, etc. Different shapes, diameters, and sizes are possible.
The equipment can be used both for single cuts and for batch production. According to the terms of reference, we will select the most suitable machine.

Bending press

Thanks to the revolutionary automation technology, sheet bending presses will provide efficient and straightforward bending of the sheet for any given task. Provide reliability, reduce the changeover time, simplify and accelerate the work. A wide range of hydraulic press brakes with mechanical or automatic control is available.
A wide range of additional options: sheet metal support, front legs, rear stops, controls, fastening systems, etc. To process large blanks, the equipment can be connected in tandem. Design and manufacture of sheet bending presses according to customer requirements.

Gear processing machines

These are machines for the mechanical formation of toothed rims, profiles, and splines (gear milling, gouging operations). Gear processing treatment of gears, as well as other elements of gearing, such as gears and shaft-gears, tooth profiles, worms, etc.

Welding column

The welding column is designed in such a way to provide high accuracy and ergonomics of the welding processes of seams made in hard-to-reach places for large blanks. The ability to move the column horizontally, vertically and rotate by 360 degrees. The unit is equipped with a modern CNC system,
providing precision welding of complex joints. The welding head of the manipulator is equipped with an intelligent system for tracking the seam; it is also possible to install automatic heads for welding in carbon dioxide, inert gases and under a layer of flux. The column can be equipped with additional functions.

Drilling line for beams

This equipment is a single CNC controlled center for the processing of beams with a full drilling line. The three-sided processing process allows you to perform the functions of drilling, marking simultaneously, engraving, marking, threading, and milling. All these operations are performed by one operator. It helps to increase productivity and production efficiency. Beams are placed on the supply table and fed to the processing center along a conveyor. All of the above processes are performed on a single drilling center, then heading to a section of the band saw.
Depending on the program settings, the material is cut into blanks of the required length.

Lathes, Lathe-milling machines

Machines allow you to perform the entire range of turning operations. They are used both in the small-scale and mass production of parts. It is possible both rough and finish rolling operations. These machines are used for boring cylindrical parts, trimming the edges, cutting internal and external thread, corrugation, longitudinal turning. Such mechanisms can be optionally equipped with additional spindle units, lunettes, and automatic loading and unloading devices.

Plasma cutting

Portal plasma cutting plants are actively used in modern industry. Plasma cutting dramatically simplifies the working process in production. They are designed for cutting carbonaceous and low-carbon steels, as well as for stainless steel and aluminum. Equipment of this type can be used to perform technological processes of different types, and the software will help provide more accurate, high-quality and fast cutting of metal. The main advantages of plasma cutting are a high quality of cut, the speed of cutting, processing of ore of different types, minimal operating costs, maximum productivity. Production of plasma cutting plants according to customer requirements.

Roll Forming Machine

Roll forming equipment makes it possible to bend a range of rolled metal products of large dimensions, for example, I-beams, channel bars, beams, profiles, large pipes, etc. The equipment can be controlled by a professional CNC control or control controller, having one, two or three leading rollers, and also work in a vertical or horizontal position. Additionally, it can be equipped with the variable speed, special rolls, spiral bending device, support for bent profiles, digital display for hydraulic shafts, etc.

CNC Drilling Machine

The sheet drill is a fully integrated system. The ability to monitor all machine movements and its parameters using the CNC (x, y, z). The drilling center is suitable for drilling holes, threading, sheet milling, marking and other operations. Supply of lubricating – the coolant may be external or internal. For the customer request, the machine can be equipped with additional options.

Boring machines

Perform a roughing, finishing of the workpiece body parts without changing it to other machines. The main feature of the engine is the presence of a spindle that performs the movement of the axial feed. On these machines it is possible to produce boring, drilling, reaming, tapping of internal and external threads, grinding cylindrical surfaces, etc.

Gantry machining centers

Are intended for processing of details having significant weight and overall dimensions. Portal processing centers are used for machining complex in form and technologically difficult parts, for the processing of which it is necessary to combine several technological operations for one installation of a part or several parts. Machines can have: 3, 4, 5 or 6 steered axes.